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PRG - Wellbeing Programme

Rochdale-based recruitment company Precision Recruitment Group are delighted to announce the launch of their new Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), supporting the wellbeing of its employees and workforce. 


The programme is designed to help their employees and workforce with any problems that they might be having, helping them to work through issues, including those related to mental health.

- 24/7 Helpline Access

- Online booking for support

- Access to confidential counselling delivered by accredited specialists

- Access to legal, debt, and life management advice

- Access to hundreds of pages of wellbeing content and resources

- Topics covered: Mental Health, Work, Law, Money, Family, Older People, Wellness, Addiction


The wellbeing programme is not something that they must offer by law, but it is a benefit that their employees and workforce deeply appreciates. The service is free and is provided by an independent mental health company.

Speaking about the EAP, Carl Bennion, Director at PRG, said: “The construction industry is well known for its physically demanding and stressful work environment, which can have a significant impact on workers mental health and wellbeing. However, introducing our PRG wellbeing programme can help address these issues and promote mental health and wellbeing among our workforce.


As a company we are huge champions of mental health, and this is another way of showing our workforce that we care, and they are very much appreciated.”


If you are part of our workforce and want a confidential discussion on how to access any of the above free services available to you, contact our wellbeing specialist 07359134507



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